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A campaign urging the British Government to request immediate release of Mr Andargachew Stige from Ethiopian authorities prison




June 16 2015


Ethio-Europe Human Right and Justice Task Force in Europelaunched campaign to demand the British Government and its prime minister to put his personal and immediate intervention and pressure on the Ethiopian authorities to release Andargachew Tsige (Andy) from detention and bring him Home immediately.

Sample letters and other campaign materials are listed below, the task force encourage individuals to send their own messages/letters if possible.


Subject: Mr. Andargachew Tsege – British Citizen

Dear Prime Minister,

Congratulation to you and your party on the recent victory in the General election 2015 and to form the first conservative majority government in the United Kingdom since 1979. I believe your new government continues to uphold the value of freedom, justice and fair play that binds us together and uses these values to underpin its foreign policy around the world.

It will be one year on 23 June 2015 since Mr. Andargachew Tsege, (aka “Andy”) a British National and a father of three has been abducted in Yemen while travelling to Eritrea and rendered to Ethiopia in violation of international law and the Vienna Convention of 1963.

Andy is being held in-communicado detention and faces the death penalty. The UK has so far failed to secure a regular consular access and demand for his release. Ethiopian authorities have refused provide regular consular access and a visit by British Parliamentarians.

His family or Britain still do not know where he is being held while a heavily-edited video of Andy aired on his captor’s television he appeared gaunt and disoriented as he is believed to be held without sun light for 24 hours a day. Torture in Ethiopian prisons is extremely widespread, and political detainees such as Andy are routinely subjected to severe abuse.

Ethiopia, a country riddled with conflict and social injustice, run by a repressive regime; held a general election on 24th May 2015 where the ruling party won 100% of the parliamentary seats confirming the onslaught on basic rights of citizens and civil society for the last 2 decades. In a country led by ethno-centric regime journalists, bloggers, and political cartoonists are considered terrorists.

I remain extremely worried for the welfare and life of Andy in the hands of an authoritarian regime that kills at will and seriously concerned by the failure of British Government to secure regular consular access and demand his release from Ethiopia. I urge the British Government not to ignore the plea of his family and the report of the United States Rapporteur on this case.

We therefore, request your personal and immediate intervention to put pressure on the Ethiopian authorities to release Andy from detention and ensure his return to his family in the United Kingdom.


Petition Letter to PM Office (A) 23.06.2015

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