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Ethiopia federal forces detain recently released Oromo leaders

24 Feb 2018; 21:35 Reports from Ethiopia indicate that leading opposition chiefs, Merera Gudina and Bekele Gerba are among a group detained by federal security forces in the country’s west. The recently released duo who are leaders of the main opposition Oromo Federalists Congress (OFC) were held near the town ...

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In a continent dominated by WhatsApp, Ethiopia prefers Telegram

24 Feb 2018;10:00   In a recent survey of social media use in Africa, WhatsApp—and its Facebook-owned sister app Messenger—was crowned the king of appsin Africa. All except for one country: Ethiopia. The Horn of Africa nation, joined by Iran and Uzbekistan globally, stood out as the only nation where Telegram ...

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Who will be Ethiopia’s next prime minister?

23 Feb 2018 10:30 By Jillian  Kestler -D Amours Will the appointment of a new Ethiopian prime minister only act to save the ruling party or usher in deeper reform? Hailemariam Desalegn’s snap resignation as Ethiopia’s prime minister last week set off a dramatic chain of events in a country that has ...

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Emiratis going to Ethiopia warned

21 Feb 2018; 22:50 ABU DHABI: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) on Wednesday warned UAE citizens traveling to Ethiopia to be vigilant.  The ministry has asked them to avoid visiting Oromia, Amhara, and Harari regions in light of the current situation in the country. It has ...

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Game Over, U.S. Congressman jabs Ethiopia’s TPLF

21 Feb 2018; 22:00 A United States Congressman has insinuated that Ethiopia’s dominant party, the Tigrayan Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) is on its way out of power. Congressman Dana Rohrabacher tweeted on Wednesday morning, ‘Game Over TPLF.’ His tweet incidentally mentioned three people including a famed Ethiopian activist, Jawar Mohammed. The ...

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Global community responds to Ethiopia’s political uncertainties

21 Feb 2018, 18:30 The global community has called on the Ethiopian government and public to hold constructive dialogues among all stakeholders for a peaceful and durable resolution to the current crisis. The African Union Commission (AUC) is the latest to respond to Ethiopia’s current political situation as the East ...

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Governments Call for Ethiopia to Revoke its State of Emergency

21 Feb 2018; 10:10 Several nations call into question the Ethiopian government’s decision to enact a six-month state of emergency in the midst of continued major national protests and the PM’s recent resignation. Several nations are calling into question the Ethiopian government’s decision to enact a six-month state of emergency ...

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UK “disappointed” with Ethiopia’s martial law decision

20 Feb 2018;21:50 The United Kingdom said on Tuesday it’s disappointed with the decision of Ethiopian government to impose martial law to combat sporadic protests and rising ethnic conflicts. Ethiopia on Friday imposed martial law for a period of six months after a crippling strike last week in Ethiopia’s central ...

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