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Ethiopia-Win-Et and British Justice: The Magna Carta Lives on For Tadesse Biru Kersmo

 By A.Mariam On December 22, 2017 Vindication of the rule of law In his closing argument defending a cabinet minister of a fictional African country called “Naranga”, John Mortimer’s equally fictional character Rumpole of the Bailey argued to the learned African judge: … When London is nothing more than a memory, and the ...

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An American woman married an Ethiopian prince she met in a nightclub — and the photos are magical

October 18, 2017, | 11:33 The INSIDER Summary: A woman named Ariana Austin began dating a man she met in a nightclub.  He eventually told her he was actually Prince Joel Makonnen, an Ethiopian prince.  They’ve been together 12 years and got married this September.  The wedding was totally over-the-top, and featured 13 ...

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Labour believes in a better Britain, For the many, not the few

03/06/2017 | 22:47 Labour believes in a better Britain. A Britain where everyone is rewarded fairly for hard work, where our public services are protected and where a home to rent or buy is affordable. A Britain that works for the many, not just the few. Labour will stand up ...

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