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An American woman married an Ethiopian prince she met in a nightclub — and the photos are magical

October 18, 2017, | 11:33 The INSIDER Summary: A woman named Ariana Austin began dating a man she met in a nightclub.  He eventually told her he was actually Prince Joel Makonnen, an Ethiopian prince.  They’ve been together 12 years and got married this September.  The wedding was totally over-the-top, and featured 13 ...

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Labour believes in a better Britain, For the many, not the few

03/06/2017 | 22:47 Labour believes in a better Britain. A Britain where everyone is rewarded fairly for hard work, where our public services are protected and where a home to rent or buy is affordable. A Britain that works for the many, not just the few. Labour will stand up ...

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Dead Donkeys Fear No Hyenas

April 1, 2017 Around the globe, there is a massive commercial rush for farmland – the new green gold. One of the most profitable new spots for farming is Ethiopia. Hoping for export revenues, the Ethiopian government leases millions of hectares of allegedly unused land to foreign investors. But the ...

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