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EPRDF, Tesfaye Habisso and the 99.6 percent plagiarism

By Abebe Gellaw It is extremely unlikely for identical twins, let alone an Ethiopian ‘diplomat’ and a British born South African scholar, who have never met in their entire lives, to write a 15-page long academic paper in exactly the same way, using the same language, words, sentences, paragraphs, data, ...

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Is Arab-Spring-Style ‘Revolution’ No Longer Looming in the Nile Basin African Countries?

By Samuel Ayele Bekalo (PhD) February 19, 2015 No one quite predicted an Arab spring. Yet, three of the longest serving Arab leaders in Africa who have ruled their countries with an iron fist for decades, have fallen by the Arab Spring in 2011. Now, the likes of Robert Mugabe ...

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