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Ethiopia: Government -Fuelled Conflict and the need unity

the owner of the current ethnic violence

November 10,2017,15:30 By GRAHAM PEEBLES In an attempt to distract attention from unprecedented protests and widespread discontent, the Ethiopian Government has engineered a series of violent ethnic conflicts in the country. The regime blames regional parliaments and historic territorial grievances for the unrest, but Ethiopians at home and abroad lay ...

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Ethnic violence displaces hundreds of thousands of Ethiopia

November 08, 2017, 22:00 Lifting her robe the young woman revealed undulating scar tissue blanketing her breasts, stomach, and extending up her neck and along her arms. “They poured petrol over me then lit it,” said 28-year-old Husaida Mohammed. “They were Somali boys.” When IRIN met Mohammed she was in ...

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