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The very Similarity between Nazi-TPLF IN ETHIOPIA & Nazi-GERMANY

April 29/04/2015


TPLF is Applying the Nazi Model to Exterminate the Amhara People

The Nazis of Germany took a shorter period of time to exterminate six million Jews and Gypsies between 1939-1945 than the TPLF, although it used an identical model with a slightly different approach; slow and systematic in exterminating the Amharas in particular and Ethiopians in general for the past twenty-two years.

Here are areas of comparison between Nazis and TPLF to see how they are strikingly similar.

NAZIS: Hitler promised to annihilate all Jews from the face of Europe.

TPLF: In its manifesto, TPLF promised to eliminate the Amharas from the

face of Ethiopia.

NAZIS: Exterminated six million Jews and Gypsies under the pretext of

‘Blue Blood, Supreme race, Aryan doctrine.

TPLF: Have been exterminating the Amharas in particular and

Ethiopians in general, under the pretext of building greater

Tigerian domain. TPLF sees Amharas as a threat to their ambition

and as an adversary to their extended power.

NAZIS: Engaged in various dehumanizing and exterminating methods

to eliminate Jews: insulting, beating, humiliating,

degrading their cultures, tradition, language and religion.

TPLF: Have been using similar psychological warfare against the

Amharas in particular and to the Ethiopians in general, by

desecrating Amharas’ religions, sanctuaries, degrading their

language and undermining their flags, cultures and traditions.

NAZIS: Displaced Jews and Gypsies, tattooed all of them for control,

Brought them to concentration camps, subjected them to

hard labor, and subsequently marched them in the


TPLF: Herded defenseless Amharas to underground dungeons

called ‘void number six’ (Bado Sidi St) and left them to die

from lack of light, sanitation, as well as dehydration and


NAZIS: Transported Jews and Gypsies in cattle cars packed tight

with no room for sitting nor standing during the long journeys.

TPLF: Have been transporting displaced Amharas (men, women,

children, and old people), packing them into

mechanically defective trucks driven to unknown

destinations. Often many would catch on fire, break

down on the road and plinge into ravines with people on board.

NAZIS: Instigated division among inmates: Jews vs. Gypsies. The SS

and Gestapo assigned Gypsies to guard Jewish prisoners.

TPLF: Keeps agents inside prisons to target individuals, instigate

altercations, spread rumors and hatred inside the prison

community, mobilize mobs in order to victimize Amharas

or Ethiopians. Thousands lost their lives in this manner.

NAZIS: Kept their victims in concentration camps (Auschwitz, Buna,

Birkenau, etc.) subjected prisoners to harsh and hard

labor—subsequently sent them to execution chambers.

TPLF: There are countless prisons in Ethiopia, infested with insects:

lice, bedbugs, ticks, rodents: I urge you to read the accounts

of two Swedish journalists who served time in TPLF’s prison

system. Since there is no media presence, TPLF forces are

free to commit all kinds of atrocities, including mass

murders, random shootings on a whim. This has happened in

regions such as Wolquait, Tegede, Humera, Northern Shoa,

Gambella, Wollo, etc. Almost 99% of Wolquait and Humera

residents have been forcefully removed from the area; Most

have been exterminated and the rest have disappeared. Most

of the Humera and Wolquait residents are descendants of the

Tigerian ruling regime.

NAZIS: Expelled all Jews and Gypsies from Germany, Austria, France,

Switzerland, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and herded

to concentration camps.

TPLF: Has displaced Amharas who have been intermingled

with others in different regions of Ethiopia, with NO plan of

resettling them. After eviction, victims were abandoned

without shelters, food or water. So most perished and the few

survivors became homeless or shanty dwellers even in the

capital city of Addis Ababa.

NAZIS: Confiscated and looted belongings owned by Jews, including

the extraction of gold teeth from those still living. This project

was executed by the notorious Dr. Mengele.

TPLF: Properties and businesses owned by Amharas or Ethiopians

have been looted by TPLF cadres and accomplices of various

localities. Many Amharas and or Ethiopians have been

evicted from their land and were impoverished as a result.

NAZIS: Starved the Jews and Gypsies to death, also marched them tens

of kilometers naked in the freezing snow, when each time

more than half perished due to hypothermia. Those who

lagged behind were shot by the Nazis ridding on motorcades and


TPLF: Ordered the Amharas or Ethiopians to march naked for

Thousands of kilometers from the Asmara and Assab regions,

and before departure, their gold teeth were extracted. When

the Red Cross offered clothing, food, and escort service, TPLF

denied their help and forced the victims to continue marching

to their destination. And most of the displaced evacuees

perished enroute. A few survivors of this ordeal reached

home, disease stricken, and again were denied medical treat-

ment by TPLF agents. As a result, many survivors lost their

lives. There are very few today who can bear witness to this

heinous crime.

NAZIS: Infested the concentration camps with diseases and many

inmates died as a result.

TPLF: Planned to exterminate Amharas in a very sophisticated and

systematic way using poisonous medications imported from

countries such as China and India. These poisonous substances were applied to the

Amhara’s regions, hospitals and clinics. In this case, the rate of AIDS victims rose

very high within the first ten years of TPLF reign. Also many AIDS carriers have

been encouraged to move to the Amhara region in order to infect

the population of an impoverished community. One can only

estimate the amount of damage caused by this evil project.

The projects of the black Nazis of TPLF have proven

successful in the Northern Shoa and Debre Berehane regions

and other parts of Amhara regions.

NAZIS: Exterminated most Jewish men, women, and children inside

the concentration camps by throwing children alive into the


TPLF: Have been sterilizing Amharic women and men under the guise

of birth control to prevent further Amhara descendants.

TPLF also engaged in the highly lucrative business of selling

young females, between the ages of 8-12 years old, to

Arab countries as maids by changing their given names and

religions, thus depriving them of the chance to return home.

The agency which runs this business is called ‘Saudi Star,’

Owned by Sheik Mohammed Alamoud an accomplice of TPLF.

NAZIS: Separated skilled laborers from the general inmates in order to

use them for special, technical skilled work. However, these

prisoners were eventually exterminated.

TPLF: In this case, TPLF used adverse psychology; they excluded all skilled

Ethiopians from high governmental positions, with no

alternatives for earning money. Eventually, most of these victims

became street beggars, and some have been put into prisons

for no apparent reason where they are languishing indefinitely.

NAZIS: Executioners were SS, Gestapo, and police from other European

countries where Jews were evacuated.

TPLF: Currently,TPLF has highly trained special forces to commit crimes

that have never existed in human history. TPLF Agazi forces

are equivalent to SS Nazi special forces and Federals are the

same as the Gestapo police force; their special training

consists of shooting-killing. An ordinary gaze or small utterance can be

a pretext for shooting a person, especially an Ethiopian.

BLACK NAZI, TPLF leaders: Have created an apartheid system in Ethiopiaand have been

dehumanizing all of these people. Secret orders have been circulating

from TPLF high command t0 all region administrators to terminate

Amharas and Ethiopians from their employment, confiscate their

businesses and properties, and evict from their homes. As a result of

this directive so manycrimes have been committed including

Genocide againsAmharas and Ethiopians.

TPLF: The legal system is a defined by TPLF’s ministry of injustice.

Three puppet judges are assigned to each of their Kangaroo

Courts. These judges have never heard arguments on cases,

but simply fill the chairs for the sake of formality, and pass

their false verdicts, to criminalize innocent people. All cases

are decided by TPLF members against Amharas.

VOID NUMBER SIX (Bado Sidist) Dungeons:

There are hundreds of void numbers six (Bado Sidist)

dungeons and mass graves throughout the country! Several

of them are in the Tigria region where most abducted Amharas

or Ethiopians have been taken to Tigria for execution.

TPLF: Has left no stone unturned to eliminate Amharas

and erase Ethiopian identity. Woyanes have tried all

sorts of ‘divide and conquer’ methods to weaken the unity of

the Ethiopian people. When they first seized power, they

immediately engaged in dividing the society along ethnic

lines inciting hatred and animosity among theml. As a result,

thousands of Amharas have been massacred in the region of

Harar, Bedeno, Arsi, Abomisa and Arbagugu. For TPLF

leaders, the speed of elimination was not fast enough to meet

their goals, so they are obliged to find other methods.

The international communities have been consistently

informed about the crimes perpetrated against the Amharas

for the past twenty-two years, however they have all turned

deaf ears to the cries and woes of Ethiopians.

Internationally, Ethiopians have staged hundreds of

demonstrations pleading their case against the TPLF, but

responses have been lukewarm at best. Countries such as the

United States and Great Britain have supported the crime-

ridden notorious TPLF regime, even knowing its various

crimes since they came to power. In particular, Britain with

all its arrogance and history of humiliating nations, using its

old rotten system of divide and control, in collaboration with

the noxious TPLF regime, has engaged in destroying the rich

culture of Ethiopia, its civilization and heritage.

The US Government also has all the information about TPLF’s

Human Rights record, but continue to allow these crimes

to be committed by TPLF. American tax payer money is being wasted to fund

these ruthless criminals. As a taxpayer, I contribute to this

travesty…which is perpetrated against my own people.

I wonder! What does their silence mean??

The aforementioned comparison of TPLF to Nazis is done to give some idea

to the reader, but it is only the tip of the iceberg. Most of the details of the

crimes committed have been unheralded; very little is known locally and

internationally due to suppression of information and freedom of

expression. The crimes far exceed those detailed here, and the

documentation of such would fill a huge library.

Simply, contemporary Ethiopia can be defined as a land

of living hell, particularly to Amharas and Ethiopians. The country is

occupied by monstrous gangs, hit men, and Mafia-style groups that are

ruthless and heartless apocalyptic messengers, pro-apartheid and

internal colonizers of the 21st Century.

Therefore, I call upon all historians and scholars and plea to

you, to further investigate TPLF crimes against Amharas and Ethiopians

and expose such to the international community.

As Amharas and Ethiopians, we have a duty not only to bear witness

to these horrific crimes, but the obligation to commit ourselves for

sacrifice to preserve our country and protect the people from these

horrendous African Nazis. We should also list and catalogue these ruthless

TPLF crimes for future use as young Jews did after World War II. Many

Nazi criminals were hunted and brought to justice. Hence, we and our

children will have a chance to hunt down these killers.

To forget these atrocities, genocides will not only be dangerous, but

offensive in every respect; To forget the victims would be tantamount to

killing them a second time.

The WOYANES have been committing crimes of a primitive type in

the 21st Century under our watchful eyes for 22 years. What are we

waiting for? We Ethiopians must stand together and face these

criminals. We need to leave our children with not only their country, but

their pride. Our gift to the comig generation should not not only be land, but a

land free from Ethno-Fascists.


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